Ancient Mythology: Build an Object of Power

Ancient Mythology

The world of Ancient Greek myths is full of colorful characters, incredible stories, and timeless life lessons. Students will delve deeply into the world of these myths and choose a god or goddess as the focus of their project. They will recreate their god or goddess’ symbol of power and then film a movie trailer featuring their object!

Duration: Two 45-minute periods

High School (ages 14-17)
Elementary (ages 8-10)
Middle School (ages 11-13)


Social Studies

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STEP 1 : Introduction

Show slides of well-known objects of power, such as a staff, crown, etc. Discuss the importance of symbols and objects in stories, taking time to highlight specific examples. ASK: What other objects of power can you think of? What do they represent?

STEP 2 : Present the Challenge

In pairs, students choose a god or goddess from their Greek myths reading. They will then review all textual detail to collect information about this character’s personality, appearance, powers, and symbols. They will then identify an object of power for their character (this could be a new and unique object, or a recreation of a well-established object of power) and begin brainstorming how to design and build it. When they are ready, students begin building their first prototype.

STEP 3 : Feedback and Iteration

Ancient Mythology1

Ancient Mythology2

Student pairs meet with another pair of students and share their thinking and project. Using the Glow and Grow feedback process, students receive encouragement and critical feedback on their design. Using this new insight, students return to their design to implement improvements.

STEP 4 : Filmmaking

Ancient Mythology3

When their object is completed, student pairs then script and film a short video trailer featuring their object of power.