Designer Workshop Series

designer workshop series

Working with designers to solve every day problems using littleBits!

Duration: 2 Hours

College/University (age 18+)


Life Science
Makerspace Workshops
littleBits Basics

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STEP 1 : Lesson plan!

This group is for digital product designers who are interested in exploring the experience between physical and digital space. How can we bring the same design thinking we do for digital products into the physical space? How can we make the everyday apps we already use more interesting with in-real-life touch points? How might we create in-real-life buttons that create digital trails? This is a group for product designers, experimenters and people interested in the intersection between physical and digital things to come together and prototype ideas quickly. We’ll host workshops around design challenges so you can make time for experimentation and play outside of work. Design challenges we might try:
• Create something that fixes an annoying problem you face every day.
• Create something that makes your favorite app come to life.
• Create something that makes people laugh
• Create something to help strangers start talking to each other.
• Create something that replaces the last thing you threw away yesterday.

Event #1 brief:
Create something that fixes an annoying problem you encounter every day.
Brief intro of LittleBits and how they work, focus on CloudBit. Show the small set we will be using for this session. (30mins)
Mash-up exercise (15mins)
On a wall with post its: make a list of annoying everyday problems.
Make a list of the channels available on IFTTT (Use only Pushover for faster reaction time?) This list can be pre-made
Make a list of LittleBits inputs we can use: button, motion sensor, slide dimmer, pressure sensor
Break up into teams of 4, choose one post-it from each column and create an app solution out of that. (30-40mins)
Present the solutions (30-40 mins)

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