Dream Lane

Dream Lane

A flashing train full of dream passes by. The bell rings and it travels fast or slow, it sounds loud or soft. It’s here or there?

Duration: 2 Hours

Elementary (ages 8-10)
Middle School (ages 11-13)


littleBits Basics

bargraph (1)
power (2)
pressure sensor (1)
servo (1)
bright led (1)
random (1)
micro sequencer (1)
filter (1)
split (1)
synth speaker (1)
wire (Individual) (3)

shoe box 1
Foam cup 1
Coloured paper 1
Foam 1
Train picture 1
Piece of fabric 1
Singing Bowl 1
Drum Stick 1

paper tape
Two sided adhesive tape



STEP 1 : Assemble the two circuits

Dream Lane1

There are two circuits inside the shoe box. One that creates the train sound and one that hits the singing bowl with the stick. We will assemble the circuits first, then do all the cutting, glueing, plasticising and drawing and finally assemble them all in the box. Part1: Connect all the bits as show to create the white noise sequencer. Part2 :Connect all the bits for the bell hitter (it’s not in a picture) you will need a power, a pressure sensor and the servo, easy peasy!

STEP 2 : The train picture

Dream Lane2

Print the train picture, colour it as you like, plasticize it (can be done without it) and cut just the train, the sun and the clouds.

STEP 3 : Creating the background

Glue the background colour paper at the box and glue the train, sun and clouds (either with glue or double sided adhesive tape) on top of the background colour paper.

STEP 4 : Cut through the box

With a cutter cut the windows of the train, the smile of the sun.

STEP 5 : Creating access for the knobs

Dream Lane3

Dream Lane4

Dream Lane

Measure the length of the sequencer and using a cutter make the appropriate cuts in the box (there is one more square cut for the volume knob on the left of the box which is not shown here)

STEP 6 : Mounting the two circuits

Dream Lane5

Dream Lane6

Mount the two circuits inside the box using paper tape. Put the sequencer circuit as shown in picture and pass the pressure sensor through the hole in the mouth of the sun.

STEP 7 : Stabilise the servo and the stick

Dream Lane7

Take a piece of foam, make a whole according the size of the servo and push it in. Glue it firmly on top of the box and using a paper tape attach the stick in order to be able to hit the bowl with each side of the stick.

STEP 8 : Singing bowl stand

Dream Lane8

Cut the bottom of the foam cup and use it as a stand for the singing bowl.

STEP 9 : Attaching the fabric

Dream Lane9

With a stapler staple the fabric in the back of the box You are set to play! Have fun!