Food Hacks

Food Hacks

Fun ways to play with your food and your bits!

Duration: 30 minutes

Middle School (ages 11-13)
Elementary (ages 8-10)


Life Science

dc motor (1)
power (1)
vibration motor (1)
oscillator (3)
micro sequencer (3)
mix (2)
synth speaker (1)
Makey Makey (1)

Apple 1
Bananas 3
Gummy worms 1
Lollipops 1


STEP 1 : Lollipops

This is the easiest food hack! Simply attach the stick of a lollipop to the motormate on a DC motor. Spinning lollipops were popular when I was a kid (not really sure why…)

STEP 2 : Scary foods

On Halloween, we hacked some gummy worms by adding vibration motors to them. You can also try this with anything gelatinous to freak people out! I would recommend separating the bits from the food by attaching the motor to plates or cups which hold the food.

STEP 3 : Makey Makey

Food Hacks1

This is the best food hack! It’s a little more involved. The Makey Makey can get power from any of the three inputs. I like to connect three microsequencers to the outputs followed by three oscillators. You can mix three channels to one of you have two mix bits. All you need now is a speaker! To hook up the Makey Makey, you will need four clips. One goes on “earth”, the rest go on the spots for the outputs. I would recommend using an apple for the other end of the earth clip and bananas for the three outputs. Touch one banana while touching the apple to play a note! I like to use the microsequencers on step mode and tune them to chords. Nice!