Getting it Together! Bit Research!

Getting it Together

I have 10 little bits kits and include them in my Tinker Tuesday after school program. I created a research sheet to help the students learn more about the bits before it becomes a free for all of just building random items. Basically it’s a bit research sheet where they use the booklets to read about every bit in each kit. Once they complete the sheet the students write about what they learned, they sign that they were honest and completed it, they show it to me and I sign off on their project sheet. Before they get free time to experiment they have to complete the research sheet and all the projects within the respective booklet. Again, after every project they write what they learned, they sign it and then I sign it once I’ve seen their project. For each booklet they finish I give them a couple weeks to build what they want. So far so good and a lot less chaos when introducing the kits. Ideally, if I could afford color copies that would be a good route to go, but the black and white seems to be working so far.

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Elementary (ages 8-10)
Middle School (ages 11-13)


littleBits Basics

slide dimmer (1)
dc motor (1)
buzzer (1)
usb power (1)
light sensor (1)
button (1)
pulse (1)
rgb led (1)
servo (1)
sound trigger (1)
fork (1)
timeout (1)
inverter (1)
light wire (1)
latch (1)
motorMate (1)
synth speaker (1)
microphone (1)
IR LED (1)
wireless transmitter (1 channel) (1)
remote trigger (1)
E – USB Power Adapter + Cable (1)
number (1)


STEP 1 : Pass out Bit Research Sheet

Students need to understand what the bits do before starting projects.

STEP 2 : Have students review the research sheet.

Have students look through the bits and discuss what they think some of the bits might do.

STEP 3 : Pass out Bit Kit Project books.

Each littleBit kit comes with a booklet that has bit explanations and projects. Depending if students are in groups or working individually they will use this booklet to research what the various bits do. Each booklet is available as a PDF document on the littleBits website. If you need to print off more copies this resource is available.

STEP 4 : Research the Bits

Once students have the bit booklets they can look up what each bit does and record their answers on the research sheet.

STEP 5 : Share information

Depending on what the teacher wants to accomplish with the research sheets the students can share what they have learned in various ways.

STEP 6 : Bit Project Check-off Sheet

I have my students sign off on their research and each project that they complete in the booklet. Once they sign off they must show their project to me and explain it. I then sign off on the project and they can move to the next one. Once students complete a booklet I let them have some free creativity project time.