How to Host a littleBits Meetup

How to Host a littleBits

A fun way to spend a few hours on the weekend with your friends or family and make a project together

Place: Find a cozy spot in your house or a cafe.
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Time: 1.5 hours
People: Invite 1-5 friends or family members
– Your bits! Any kit will do.
Bitspiration: Here are some of our favorites;

Base Kit: Make A Pizza Box Phonograph by Echo The Bat
Premium Kit: Make A Don’t-Leave-Home-Without-It Machine by Sean Michael Ragan
Deluxe Kit : Make A Drawing Bot by Mika
Arduino Coding Kit : Make A DIY Computer Mouse by Emily Tuteur
Cloud Starter Kit: Make A Remote Feeder For Your Pet by David Sharp
Smart Home Kit: Control Your AC Remotely by Emily Tuteur
Synth Kit: Make Your Very Own Keytar by Paul Rothman
Space Kit: Make A Star Chart by Krystal Persaud


littleBits Basics

Pens & Paper 1
Glue 1
Old items you can hack 1



STEP 1 : Set Up Your Bits

Whether you want to make the most out of your basic kit or are an Arduino geek at heart start by gathering all your bits. Oh yes! And don’t forget the batteries.

STEP 2 : Find some Bitspiration!

An internet connected pet feeder? A bowtie that glows at the sound of music? Browse for inspiration on what to make or check out some of our faves in the description.

STEP 3 : Make Something That Does Something!

Choose a project and start buliding or take a Design Challenge on . Check out our Tips & Tricks section on for expert advice on all the bits from our designers. And if you get stuck don’t hesitate to ask for help in the forums:

STEP 4 : Share what you made on the Project Page

Share what you made on . Add photos, a video and steps so that others can make it too! Because sharing is caring. And there are always other cool makers from around the world for you to meet that can give you feedback and get inspired by your ideas.

STEP 5 : Get Social!

Share on twitter and Instagram links to your creation using @littleBits and the #InventAnything hashtag. Tell us how your meetup went. We love hearing your stories!