littleBits Workshop for senior high school students in China

littleBits Workshop for senior in China

Hi, I am Eva. I come from Taiwan. I am a maker and an educator in China. This lesson is an outline of process for running littleBits workshop for china senior high school students. This workshop was run in China. There was 20 students. They divided into groups by 5 people, 4 groups. I used 6 Deluxe kits for this workshop. The goal was to present a project made by littleBits(LEGO is the primary material at that moment).
Maker Workshop from Eva Chang on Vimeo.

Duration: 1 whole day

High School (ages 14-17)


Makerspace Workshops

fan (1)
slide dimmer (1)
roller switch (1)
branch (1)
dc motor (1)
buzzer (1)
long led (1)
light sensor (1)
bargraph (1)
button (1)
dimmer (1)
power (1)
pulse (1)
vibration motor (1)
pressure sensor (1)
servo (1)
sound trigger (1)
bright led (1)
battery + cable (1)


STEP 1 : Introduce the littleBits

littleBits Workshop for senior in China1

1 hour
Introduce mind map and the littleBits module: power, DC motor and button. Students need to use mimd map to brainstorming about this modules’ possible uses and share to everyone.

STEP 2 : Possibility with LEGO

littleBits Workshop for senior in China2

1 hour
Find a subject from mind map in first step. Try to use LEGO to build it.

STEP 3 : Reflection

littleBits Workshop for senior in China3

30 minutes
Take a rest and think about the problem when they build the modules.

STEP 4 : Try again

littleBits Workshop for senior in China4

30 minutes
Fix the problems they’ve faced during the reflection.

STEP 5 : Discuss new module

littleBits Workshop for senior in China5

2 hour
Give each group different module. Encourage them figure out the function about the module they’ve had. Let students introduce different module’s functions. Then build a new subject with the littleBits and LEGO.

STEP 6 : Discuss final presentation and build it

littleBits Workshop for senior in China6

4 hour
Figure out what can they do in 3 hours. The requirement is everyone’s works need to meet the same topic.
The video is one of the works.