Meet the new BCN3D Sigma firmware


We are proud to announce the most significant firmware update to date! New design interface and new functionalities!

After some months working very hard to get this new firmware version, today we are releasing the new BCN3D Sigma firmware! These are the new functionalities:

1. [Enhancement] New interface screen with animations.

2. [New feature] New maintenance window to perform a manual adjustment of the Z axis and perform a Nozzle cleaning with the Nylon Method.


3. [New feature] Now you can skip steps on the Full Calibration option. So, if you only need to calibrate Y axis, you can skip Z Left and Right Extruder calibration and X axis calibration. Save time!


4. [New feature] SD navigation has been greatly improved. Now, you can view 5 files or folders at a time with their information (estimated printing time and grams of filament from the G-code file). You can also navigate through folders and arrange your prints as you need.


5. [New feature] The printing screen will show the countdown of the estimated printing time as well as the percentage of the G-code line read.


6. [New feature] New information screen in the main menu. Information screen will show firmware version, printing time, contacts and other interesting data. We will add more statistics in the future.


7. [New feature] New screen to fine tune the printer’s calibration manually [Experts]. In this screen you can manually change the calibration values ZL, ZR, X and Y.


8. [New feature] Now, in the print window, you’ll be able to do a change and purge filament when pause is done.

We have made a video tutorial about how to update the firmware.