Prototyping Workshop: Making Everyday Life More Useful or Fun

Prototyping Workshop

This workshop was run by Technology Will Save US with a group of adult business executives. The goal was to imagine and make new devices that help everyday life to become more meaningful, useful or fun.

It was a great way to bring some creativity and tech into the workspace!

Check out the attached sheet for a printable handout that covers the Bits modules and descriptions.

This workshop was run with 30 people; 6 groups of 5 people.

See images from the event here:

Duration: 90 minutes

Elementary (ages 8-10)
Middle School (ages 11-13)
High School (ages 14-17)


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STEP 1 : Introductions to Technology Will Save Us

A bit of our background: TWSU is a haberdashery for technology and education dedicated to helping people to produce and not just consume technology.

We’re from the UK!

Time: 5 minutes

STEP 2 : Introduction to workshop and set up challenge

Think about the things you do everyday.

Brainstorm everyday life challenges or moments that are important to you.

Time: 5 minutes

STEP 3 : Brainstorm Ideas

What notifications do you wish you had that would help to
make these moments more meaningful?

I wish…

Time: 5 minutes

STEP 4 : Pick an idea and sketch/image how to make it

Prototyping Workshop1

What are your best ideas?

Imagine a device that could make this experience more meaningful.

What materials, inputs and outputs would you use.

Draw and design what this device might look like and how it might work.

Time: 10 minutes

STEP 5 : Prototype your device/gadget/experience

Prototyping Workshop2

Now prototype it! Use all the craft materials and littleBits to make and bring this idea to life! Don’t get stuck in reality; have fun, play and unleash your maker spirit!

STEP 6 : Share and document

Prototyping Workshop3

Share your creation with other groups and photograph in the makers booth!