States of Matter

States of Matter

States of Matter1

Students will build a model using littleBits to describe the different states of matter.

Duration: 1 class period (60 minutes)

Middle School (ages 11-13)
Elementary (ages 8-10)


Physical Science

dimmer (1)
power (1)
vibration motor (1)


STEP 1 : Connect

Show youtube video of ice cream melting. You only need to show about a minute of the video. What happens to the atoms as the ice cream melts?

STEP 2 : Engage

States of Matter3

States of Matter

Build model of solid, liquid, and gas. Using little bits. Have students explore how the speed changes the motion of the packing peanuts. I found that taping some of the packing peanuts to the vibration motor creates more motion instead of just dropping the vibration motor in the bucket/box.

STEP 3 : Teach

States of Matter1

Speed of the molecules is what determines that state of matter. Solid – slow Liquid – medium Gas – Fast Have students complete worksheet, and draw along.

STEP 4 : Practice

Use model set up, and ask students to show you solid, liquid, gas. Use model set up. Change the speed, and ask students what each state represents.

STEP 5 : Close

Exit Ticket Pass out pieces of paper or have students turn in a half sheet of paper. Have students answer, “What determines the state of matter of a substance?”