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Students will bring a scene from their favorite book to life by using the littleBits.

Duration: 4 days, 2 hours each day

Elementary (ages 8-10)


littleBits Basics
General Education
English Language Arts

fan (1)
slide dimmer (1)
roller switch (1)
dc motor (1)
buzzer (1)
bend sensor (1)
toggle switch (2)
usb power (1)
long led (1)
slide switch (1)
bargraph (1)
button (1)
dimmer (1)
double AND (1)
double OR (1)
led (1)
uv led (1)
power (1)
pulse (1)
rgb led (1)
vibration motor (1)
servo (1)
sound trigger (1)
light wire (1)
bright led (1)
random (1)
delay (2)
split (1)
synth speaker (1)
mounting boards (1)
IR LED (1)
remote trigger (1)
Sequencer (1)
number (1)
number. (1)
wire (Individual) (1)
DC motor (tethered) (1)
glue dots (1)
wheel (1)
ball caster (1)
Plastic, servo mount, Rev C (1)
Speaker o26 (1)
Mounting Board 8×7 (1)

Tri fold board 1
Books 1
Scissors 1
Colored Paper 1
styrofoam 1
wooden blocks 1
Foam Board 1
Markers 1
paint 1
Fabric 1
Yarn 1
any other arts/crafts supplies you may have 1

Hot glue gun
Xacto knife


STEP 1 : Set Up

For this lesson, students will work in small groups of 3-4 students. Have students’ groups set up before starting.

STEP 2 : Connect

Introduce the littleBits to the students. Give each group a power bit and an output bit. Allow the students to connect the bits to see what happens. Next, pass out an input bit to each group. Allow the groups to switch inputs and outputs with other groups. Then, finally, introduce the wires. Give the students about a half of an hour to experiment with the littleBits to see what each one can do.

STEP 3 : Teach

Introduce the project for the week. The students will be designing a scene from a book using the littleBits to make their scene interactive. During this time, pass out paper for the students to brainstorm their ideas and draw out a design.

STEP 4 : Engage

Once the students have drawn out a detailed design, they may begin to construct their projects. Each group will get a trifold board. There will also be a large amount of art/craft supplies for the students to choose from. The students will need to decide how their project is going to move and which littleBits they will need. They will have all of the littleBits to choose from.

STEP 5 : Practice

Once the students have built certain parts of their project, they can decide if it is working how they want it to work or if they should try something else. We encouraged the students to only build one part at a time, so that they weren’t completely overwhelmed with littleBits and craft supplies. Students will continue to play with their projects until they are satisfied with their results.

STEP 6 : Share

Parents will be invited on the final day of this project. The students will have their projects on display. As parents come around to look at the projects, the students are to demonstrate how they work. They are also to explain which littleBits they used and how they work.