Summer Reading Superhero Challenge (Elementary School)

Summer Reading Superhero

Children will combine arts and crafts materials with littleBits in order to showcase the superpowers of their superhero or villain. Whether your superhero tool belt includes a superhero siren, laser blaster, or custom hand buzzer, you can bring your superhero to the next level with this fun and easy program ideal for a public library setting.

Children can work independently, in pairs, or in small groups – ideally with a parent or caregiver present. Children will receive a pre-cut paper superhero or villain to design and decorate. After completing the look of their character, children will use littleBits to create a tool or superpower.

Duration: 1 hour

Elementary (ages 8-10)


English Language Arts
littleBits Basics

fan (1)
slide dimmer (1)
roller switch (1)
branch (1
dc motor (1)
buzzer (1)
long led (1)
light sensor (1)
bargraph (1)
button (1)
dimmer (1)
power (1)
pulse (1)
vibration motor (1)
pressure sensor (1)
servo (1)
sound trigger (1)
bright led (1)
battery + cable (1)


STEP 1 : Brainstorm Superheroes and Villains

Summer Reading Superhero1

Discuss the differences between superheroes and villains, and list some famous examples. Note that many superheroes wear costumes that includes primary colors (red, yellow, and blue), while villains usually wear secondary colors (purple, orange, and green).

STEP 2 : Design Your Superhero

Summer Reading Superhero2

Children design and decorate their superhero or villain using markers, crayons, construction paper, and any craft supplies available.

STEP 3 : Brainstorm Superhero Tools

Brainstorm superhero tools with the kids: how do superheroes protect themselves? How do villains stir up trouble? What defenses make superheroes powerful? Children should choose one tool to create using littleBits.

STEP 4 : Constructing Your Superhero Tool

Summer Reading Superhero3

Preview different bits with the kids to showcase what they do, and how they work. Once kids are familiar with how to use littleBits, ask children which bits might help bring their tool or superpower to life. Help children test out and connect bits in order to showcase their hero’s superpower and adhere battery to character with tape.

STEP 5 : Show and Share

Summer Reading Superhero4

As children finish their heroes, have them share the name of their hero or villain, their superpower or tool, and what happens when it is used.